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Your farm is as unique as the local ecosystem it lives in and the crops you choose to grow. That’s why we designed Farm from a Box as a dynamic system. The interchangeable components allow us to tailor your unit to meet the needs of different climates, users, water access points, and crop plans. Our turnkey system is pre-installed with technology that makes each unit easy to deploy, operate, and maintain.

Color Options

* Custom options available for an additional fee.


1. Cold Storage

Our walk-in cold storage area is cooled by a 12,000 BTU A/C unit with 108 square feet of NSF certified shelf space to keep your harvested crops fresh.

2. Stainless Steel Work Table

This strong steel table secures the battery bank and head control, giving you peace of mind that everything is safely locked inside the unit while also giving you an easily maintained work surface.

3. Secured Technology Cabinet

A lockable cabinet securely houses the energy management system, Wi-Fi access points, and the data control system.

4. Non-slip, Durable Floor Made From Recycled Material

The flooring is made with 90% pre-consumer recycled content. It is slip resistant, offers easy maintenance, and resists odors, stains, and punctures.

5. Whiteboard Walls

The interior walls of each unit are lined with durable, easy-to-clean, hygienically-certified polypropylene honeycomb interior panels that double as seamless whiteboard surfaces you can write on to track tasks, harvest plans, or reminders.

1. 3kw Solar Power System

An off-grid solar array provides clean energy for the entire farm. Our super high efficiency poly modules from Canadian Solar have industry-leading cell technology to support all your power needs —the pump, cold storage, data system, and auxiliary concerns.

2. Energy Storage

Lithium-ion Batteries provide maximum energy, superior efficiency, and rapid charging giving you reliable, maintenance free power. Our Lithium Battery bank is free of cobalt, providing clean, safe energy.

3. Interior/Exterior Power Plugs

Internal 3-prong, 115-volt electrical plug power plugs provide electrical access inside the container and a recessed, weatherproof, lockable plug provides power outside the Box for your external needs.

4. OutBack Power™ Inverter/Charger System

OutBack Power’s inverter system is the industry standard for efficiency and reliability in off-grid power systems. The fully integrated inverter/charger is engineered for comprehensive off-grid applications, with multi-mode operational flexibility, unparalleled surge capability, and peak operating efficiency of 96%.

Our remote monitoring and control system lets you check and adjust your farm’s performance from any web-enabled device. You can quickly browse critical data flowing from sensors in your field for a precise and dynamic analysis of your farm. Our data monitoring system helps you grow more efficiently while improving yields, conserving resources, and limiting waste.

The system allows you to:

  • Monitor total water usage.
  • Ensure appropriate water pressure to safeguard irrigation lines.
  • Guarantee constant and even water flow throughout the field.
  • Track quantity of water pumped per minute for better control and irrigation efficiency.
  • Monitor the state of your water filter and alert you when it needs to be flushed.
  • Check soil humidity levels.
  • Measure the total power voltage of the system.
  • Monitor the temperature levels of your cold storage shelves, inside the container, and outside.

4G LTE Wi-Fi

4G wireless broadband connection delivered via Wi-Fi provides internet connectivity inside and outside the Box within a 200 ft. radius.

Remote control:

• Turn water pump on and off.
• Increase and decrease cold storage temperature.
• Irrigate selected fields at different times.

Real-time Alerts:

• Cold storage temperature drops or rises unexpectedly.
• Water filter needs to be flushed.
• Soil levels have significant variances.
• Pumping and water efficiency alerts.

1. Grundfos® solar pump

2HP Grundfos solar pump provides low cost and highly-efficient pumping while being virtually maintenance-free and adaptable to different water access points.

2. Netafim™ Typhoon dripline

Seamless construction of the dripline provides long term durability and performance, keeping your crops efficiently watered.

3. Netafim™ water filtration

Netafim’s disc filtration system is engineered for long-term efficient operation with practically no maintenance. It collects debris along the depth of the disc filters which helps prevent clogging, reduces calcium buildup, and extends the life of your irrigation lines.

Wash Station

A three compartment sink stainless steel wash station can be added to the exterior wall of the unit and connected to your water supply.

Custom Colors and Branding

Farm from a Box comes with 3 standard color options, but we’re happy to add your branding and custom colors for an additional fee.

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Our commitment to strengthening healthy local agriculture covers everything from the field- to the business of more profitable farming. We are proud to partner with DLL to provide straightforward financing that enables farmers to purchase their Farm from a Box system and grow their business. From individual commercial farmers, colleges, and universities to even state and municipal projects, we have you covered!*

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