An off-grid toolkit for
sustainable agriculture.

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Our all-in-one system is the easiest and most efficient way to start farming up to 6 acres.

By combining climate-smart technology with regenerative farming practices, Farm from a Box helps conserve water, improve soil quality, and increase nutrient rich-farm production. We help take the guesswork out of starting your farm by creating a complete kit tailored to your needs.


Clean technology powers healthy, locally grown, nutritious food.

Every person should have access to healthy, nutrient-rich food and every farmer should be able to provide for themselves and their community in a safe, environmentally-beneficial way. Food production is about more than just growing crops—it provides independence, opportunity, and a way to reconnect with the food we eat.


What's in the Box?

Our innovative system comes equipped with all of the core components needed for an off-grid, community-based farm.

Water-Efficient Drip Irrigation

Easy to install water delivery system stabilizes crop production in drought conditions and extends the growing season.

3kW Solar Power

Each unit is powered by renewable energy and acts independent of grid access.

Solar Powered Pump & Filtration

A high performance, maintenance-free solar pump is adaptable to different water access points—from municipal line or ground well to river or lake.

Renewable Energy Storage

Our fully integrated, robust energy management system delivers reliable, maintenance-free energy.

Internal Cold Storage

The walk-in cold storage unit keeps crops fresh while reducing post-harvest loss by as much as 80%.

Wifi Connectivity

Our WiFi-enabled system turns your farm into a hotspot providing web access and connectivity.

Cloud-Based Data Control

Track and monitor the productivity of the system remotely via a virtual dashboard.

IOT Sensor Suite

Integrated sensors provide real-time data on the entire system, from the field to the technology.

Plant irrigation
Solar energy panels
Fresh tomatoes
Fresh root vegetables

One System. Multiple Uses.

Farm from a Box is the “Swiss Army Knife” of sustainable farming— a multi-purpose toolkit adaptable to a wide range of possibilities. Whether used to connect schools with healthy food and an edible education, to modernize farming operations with improved technology for more profitability, or to jumpstart food production after a disaster, our system has the flexibility to help you get growing.

Commercial Production

Revitalize local food hubs & supply chains

We help increase production along the entire agricultural value chain with an independent infrastructure that can revitalize and modernize local food production. Stronger local food economies fuel new businesses and create greater access to healthy, locally grown food.

Upskill Training

Technology & farm training for job creation

Farm from a Box is an ideal system to train and develop the next generation of farmers to produce nutritious food with clean technology. Our system encourages entrepreneurship by providing a platform for youth, women, veterans, and other underserved groups to gain the skill set and experience needed for a career in agriculture.

Farm to Table

On-site fresh food production

Our system can provide locally grown farm-fresh ingredients for a variety of consumers, like restaurants, corporate offices, hospitals, health facilities, or retreat centers. The eye-catching toolkit offers easy on-site crop production with modern technology. The high-quality fresh food grown right on location is an experience customers and employees will love sinking their teeth into.

School Programs

Improve nutrition & education

Increase healthy food access while improving students’ focus on learning and their health. Bring the classroom outdoors and educate students on nutrition, STEM learning (science, technology, engineering, and math), and vocational skills.

Urban Farming

All-in-one kit for community farming

Turn unproductive land into an urban oasis of freshly grown food. Our complete farm system is an easy way to jumpstart a community farm and integrate healthy food access into the tapestry of a local community, housing development, or urban center. Powered by renewable energy, it operates independently of the grid—making it easier to run and manage.

Livelihoods & Resilience

Increase healthy food access, rebuild & recover

Our turnkey infrastructure can be quickly deployed to jumpstart food production after a disaster or increase healthy food access to underserved populations. It can reduce ongoing costs of food distribution, increase nutrition and livelihood opportunities, and help rebuild self-reliance after crises.

Our farm system can grow any kind of crop, giving you the flexibility you need.

If your focus is on growing healthy food to sustain a community, our farm system supports growing nutrient-rich fruits, vegetables, and plant-based proteins.

If revenue generation is your goal, our system supports a wide range of high value cash crops for market sales.

What makes us different from traditional farming?

We use modern technology to make farming more efficient, more productive, and more environmentally sustainable—an all-in-one system, configured to your needs.


Less Water Consumption

when compared to traditional irrigation.


Reduction in Post Harvest Loss

with our in-field cold storage system.


Increase in Crop Yield

with drip irrigation’s precise water delivery.


Reduction in Energy Costs

when compared to gas and electric power.

An empowering solution to a global need.

Small-scale, rural farmers are the backbone of our global food supply and are vulnerable to the effects of climate change and drought. Many rural areas struggle with limited access to infrastructure or necessary farming technology that could strengthen and stabilize their local food production.

Farm from a Box is a powerful tool for global food security and economic empowerment.

Farm from a Box isn’t just about food production.

It’s about strengthening local communities around the world and enabling them to grow their own nutritious food with clean technology in regions where it is needed most.

We are doing our part to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Goals.

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Farm from a Box is an award-winning social enterprise and Benefit Corporation based in San Francisco, California.