Our Story

Our goal is to revolutionize local food production and enable communities around the world to grow their own nutritious food with clean technology.

The idea struck in 2009.

Scott had just started a nonprofit working with the UN-HABITAT to construct a youth empowerment center in Kisumu, Kenya. Brandi had just returned from working in South Africa. When we met, it was clear that we shared a lifelong passion to help empower people in vulnerable parts of the world. Three days later, we went to work together on the Kisumu Youth Empowerment Center.

For the Kenya project, we were using modified shipping containers built around a soccer field to provide basic services and resources for education, health, and sport for the local youth. Early on, it became clear that the community needed something even more basic—access to healthy, nutritious food. We began exploring how we might take the transportable, “plug and play” model of a modified container and help the community grow their food right there. Our idea for an all-in-one kit—a “farm-from-a-box”—was born.

After having that initial idea, we spoke with some of the best minds across the globe—experts in agriculture, biodiversity, and sustainable energy; farmers; government officials; and some of the largest aid providers in the world—trying to understand what was needed and what could be done better.

The result is Farm From a Box.

When we first set out, our intention was to create a mobile infrastructure that could provide people with the tools they needed to grow their own nutritious food. Over time, that idea has grown— we now see Farm from a Box as a tool that can transform local food production and make our global food system sustainable, equitable, and locally-based.

How Togetherness and Technology Can Transform Our World

In this TEDxtalk, Brandi DeCarli looks at the role technology can play in strengthening local food production and how togetherness is the bonding agent that can lead to greater resilience and prosperity.


Partners in Innovation

We know that the greatest path forward is through collaboration. That’s why we developed innovative partnerships with globally-recognized industry leaders in sustainability and “best-in-class” technology. Together, we are working to provide the most reliable and efficient solution to unleash the productivity of community-driven farming around the world and help communities prosper and thrive.

Interested in partnering with us? Email us at hello@farmfromabox.com.

Thank You to our Partners: